hello weevils

today is the release of the very fist weevil weekly review

An epic front cover with another one  of one of scribbles brilliant rooms

pages 3 and 4: some of scribbles maga cool rooms

pages 5 and 6: scribbles thank us for all of the support that we have gave him to make his epic mags

Pages 7 and 8: scribles best moments !
1. his fist issue of weevil weekly
2.monty beeing auther of the bw mag
3. Having his face on the Trading Cards

Pages 9 and 10: Scribbles GREATEST moment was when he adopted his Bin Pet, Doodle how adorable

Pages 11 and 12:  scribbles  brilliant bin pet room

Pages 13 and 14: Nest Inspector is back! Get your nest coolness up to Celebrity or Alist and then go mad taking pictures of your nest and sending them to the Nest Inspector!

Pages 15, 16,17 and 18: is some Free nest item, much and XP codes!
Nest Item: ww150poster15
XP: ww150xp3
Mulch: ww150mulch13

pages 19 and 20 a sneck peak of the fariy tale items

page 21 back Page



About jim506

Hi my names James i like playing binweevils a free online game, my binweevils name is jim506 he has 1,004,343 mulch at the moment if you see me i will be away in a flash and usually hang about on tyoon island, flums fountain or riggs. cheek out my blog weevily guide http://jim506.wordpress.com
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