weevily weekly issue 153 review

The cover of weevil weekly is one of scribbles rooms.

Page 3 and 4: tell us more about the new bin bot. if you haven’t seen their trailer then click on the bin bot porthole

Page 5 and 6:  Foot Ball fun! Some of your favourite football stars have landed in the bin. Head on over to slam’s party box to solve some fun activities and more.

Page 7 and 8: scribbles brilliant foot ball room

Page 9 and 10: the nest inspector gives us for of his best top tips on decorating your nest

Page 11 and 12: yay Halloween is nearly here and lots new goodies like photo studio items, nest items and a Halloween party at slams

Page 13 and 14: some of the new Halloween items which should be out soon

Page 15 and 16: head on down to Flem Manor and go explore hotel Transylvania.

Page 17 and 18:  Free cauldron and Lab’s Lab work station. Make sure you keep your weevily eyes on the what’s new blog and weevily world to find out the answer to the weekend puzzle challenge tomorrow, you get a cauldron and next week a mag quiz will be coming out. You’ll get a Lab’s Lab work station.

Page 19 and 20: scribbles labs lab room

Page 21: back page




About jim506

Hi my names James i like playing binweevils a free online game, my binweevils name is jim506 he has 1,004,343 mulch at the moment if you see me i will be away in a flash and usually hang about on tyoon island, flums fountain or riggs. cheek out my blog weevily guide http://jim506.wordpress.com
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