The Great Bin Tour’ Sticker Collection Has Arrived!

Hello Weevils

Get ready for more Bin Weevils mania with the brand new Bin Weevils Sticker Collection; The Great Bin Tour!

Collect over 200 exclusive stickers of all your favourite Bin Weevils characters and stick them in the weevily awesome Great Bin Tour sticker album, in stores now!

To celebrate the launch, we’ve opened up a brand new area over at Gong’s Pipenest by the name of The Bin Break Travel Agency with Tink and Clott. Inside, you can complete your very own virtual sticker collection and earn a whopping 5,000 Mulch for doing so! There’s even a competition where 10 lucky winners will win the entire sticker collection!

You can unlock even more virtual stickers from codes inside the real sticker packs – so get collecting! As always, let us know your thoughts on the new stickers and tell us how your virtual collection is coming along here on the What’s New Blog

P.S. Jim506 is very excited

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About jim506

Hi my names James i like playing binweevils a free online game, my binweevils name is jim506 he has 1,004,343 mulch at the moment if you see me i will be away in a flash and usually hang about on tyoon island, flums fountain or riggs. cheek out my blog weevily guide
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