I’m Sorry Everyone

Hi Weevils,

From this post you should not be discouraged to look at my website and most of the information is still true. I have almost 15,000 views on this website I find that AMAZING and I would like to announce something that has been very hard for me to tell you all. This website has brought me much joy and made me learn so much things which would not be possible without all of you weevils out there. My computer broke down 15 months ago and I am terribly sorry to report that I will no longer be posting or updating this website. I have got a new much better computer now, but I have no good way of editing my pictures. I am now very busy with school work and I don’t think I could possibly find enough time to run this website. I guess this is it for my website. I would just wan’t you all to know that I really really appreciate all of the support you have given me but I just can’t continue this website on. However I will not be closing the website and it will stay open to help you weevils for years to come. Thank you everyone for this incredible experience I couldn’t have done it without you.

-masterweevil50 signing off for the last time

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About masterweevil50

Hi I am masterweevil50 the blogger behind masterweevils cheats you may know i am good at editing picturers and have another blog called msters edits
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