Master’s nest

this is a simple page to show you what all the rooms look like and what they used to look like in masterweevil50’s nest you can even copy the designs if you like
living area
scribbles room
living area #2
tinks tree room
viewing/ binpet room

throne room

celebrity room

enchanted forest room

earth day room 2012

more coming soon


6 Responses to Master’s nest

  1. yey more coming soon
    i am very busy with my nest designs

  2. feel free to comment on which room you like best

  3. Princejoshua1 says:

    Nice nest!!! is that ok to copy your nest there is loads of dosh I will need to buy hmm start again and become a tycoon that’s what I will do hey you will think that’s a good idea masterweevil50 what will happen if I have’d Invited you around the bin and my nest was the same some few questions I will like you to answer thanks.!!

    Qusetion 1 : have you won best nest

    Last Question : is that al the nest

    cos I am trying to get best nest but No!.
    I am trying to get best garden but No!
    I am trying to get all nest rooms but No!
    I am trying to get plaza but No!
    I am trying to get all party rooms and plaza photo studio but NO
    I tried 10000 Million times but NO no No!!!

    • masterweevil50 says:

      It is perfectly fine with me if you copy a few rooms of my nest! 🙂 Don’t get frustrated I’m sure if you play Binweevils for 4 years you will be able to get even more mulch than me and finally yes I won best nest once.

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